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What is it?

A six-month, small group program to help you write and publish your book quickly and professionally.


Mastermind Meetings

Collaborate with fellow members and learn from publishing experts.


Publishing Services

The production costs are included, so get to work and get published!



Tired of waiting to finish your book? Commit to make it happen in 2018!

How does it work?

Instead of working on your own, you have the support, encouragement, and accountability of your small group.

Features include:

  • Limited to 12 people for greater connection and focus
  • Eight virtual meetings over six months designed to equip you to keep writing and prepare for your book’s launch. All will have open Q&A time and some will feature guest speakers.
  • Private Facebook Group for additional discussion and sharing of resources
  • Review each other’s book concepts and outlines (books may be in process, near completion, or not even started)
  • Mutual support for endorsements, launches, and reviews
  • Publishing services are included AND you maintain ownership of all copyright and royalties

A Timeline for Action & Accountability

The group starts in January and runs through the end of June. Completed manuscripts must be delivered for editing by March 31 for publication to be possible by June 30. Publication dates will be scheduled at the time of manuscript submission and be balanced among the group. Manuscripts submitted after May 31 may be subject to additional fees (accountability incentive!). The goal is to publish all group books in 2018.

Eight Meetings:

  • Early January: Kickoff
  • Late January: Proposal/Concept/Outline Review
  • Mid February: Status Check
  • Late February: Status Check
  • March: Status Check and Discussion Topic/Guest Interview
  • April: Status Check and Discussion Topic/Guest Interview
  • May: Status Check and Discussion Topic/Guest Interview
  • June: Status Check and Discussion Topic/Guest Interview
  • Plus bonus meetings for early signups

Early bird registration savings expires December 22nd:


Your Guide: James Woosley

I started Free Agent Press in 2013 to publish my first book, Conquer the Entrepreneur's Kryptonite. It wasn't long before I was helping other authors publish their books.

In the past two years, I've helped design publish more than 125 books. Now I have even bigger goals for 2018.

I want to do deeper work with my clients, but I can't do it with everyone on every project. This program will allow me to be even more collaborative as we work together to produce your book. I'm excited about it and I'm going all in for your success!

What MY CLIENTS Are Saying

What do authors think about the work James did for them?

James ably designed the cover, formatted the ebook and the print book, and took care of the many details of publishing that I knew I would abhor. All of this was done with excellence and in a very timely manner.

I look forward to working on more projects with James in the future and highly recommend his services.

 Cyndy Bartelli

 Author, The Heart Healer

James Woosley has an incredibly high work ethic and intense attention to detail.

He is a go-to person for me on ebook creation and has done a number of powerful layouts for my clients' books. His work is impeccable.

 Erin Casey

 Owner, My Writers' Connection

What I want to say about working with James could fill a book (pun intended). My publisher and I gave James a very, very tall order to design my book in less than half the time frame he is used to. Keep in mind my book has over 100 photos and documents ranging from letters, postcards, memos, etc. You get the picture.

James rose to the occasion and remained an gentleman and consummate professional throughout the crunch. No task, no challenge, no obstacle was too big. And believe me, we were under the gun to get this done! James went above and beyond and in the end, I have a book with an awesome cover and beautiful design. I am so proud of this book and James Woosley is a BIG reason why. To say I would hire James again would be an understatement!

 Lou Del Bianco

 Author, Out of Rushmore's Shadow

Several months ago, my book was at a standstill. It was written and the text was mostly ready, but there was no cover and no layout, and the graphics were a mess. I was stuck!

?James was recommended to me by multiple people, so I hired him to help me cross the finish line. WOW! (Can I say that on a professional page? YES!)

??James rocked my world in so many good ways. He took my book and magically gave it an amazing cover, helped me layout the text, and took my so-so graphics and made them POP! He continues to help me, sticks to his contract (even though I offered to pay him more) and gives AMAZING value!

 Christine Odle

 Author, Rockin' Your Business Finances

Author's Mastermind and Coaching Pricing

  • Monthly Payments
  • One-TIME Payment
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By popular demand, a new E-book Only option has been added to the Mastermind!


Includes the option to upgrade to the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level with a 50% payment credit.



  • All Mastermind Calls
  • E-book Formatting
  • check
    E-book Cover Design
  • check
    KDP Setup
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    Project Management

Secure Payment via PayPal.

Contact me for other options.



  • All Mastermind Calls
  • E-book Formatting 
  • E-book Cover Design
  • KDP Setup
  • Project Management

Secure Payment via PayPal.

Contact me for other options.

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