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The Power of a Book for Your Business

There's something about writing a book that grants you authority and expertise in the marketplace. But it only works if the book is done well, inside and out.

Benefits of a Professionally Published Book:

  • Passive Income through Book Sales
  • Active Income via Coaching Services and Speaking Engagements
  • Access to New Markets and Customers
  • Increased Media Exposure

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You don't have to be a great writer to have a great book. All you need is a message you want to share with the world (your audience or target market) and the commitment to developing great content with professional packaging.

Let's talk and see what Free Agent Press can do to help you get that book out of your head and into the hands of people you serve.

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Our Services

Layout and Design

Ugly books are everywhere. You've seen them at conferences and laughed at them online. Don't make an ugly book. From cover designs that pop to interior layouts that offer invisible clues to make the reading experience perfect, we make sure you end up with a beautiful book (and e-book) you can be proud of. Setup with Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, and other providers.

Content Creation

You don't have to be a writer. We can take your content (keynotes, presentations, training materials, etc.) and/or extract your concepts through interviews to create a product that is 100% your message in book form. Call it ghostwriting or whatever you like. The end result is a great book that serves your audience, clients, and business.

Editing and Proofreading

Your content matters too much to have it riddled with typos, grammatical errors, and gaps bigger than the Grand Canyon, yet this step is skipped far too often by first time authors. Hiring an editor and/or proofreader to work on your book will help you look like a pro while making it easier for your readers to digest your message.

Author Coaching

Do you want to write your book but struggle to get going or keep going? We can help you create an outline that gets you moving and add the accountability to keep you moving. We can also guide you through the production and launch planning process so your book doesn't fall flat on day one. You don't have to do it alone. Get an experienced partner to make your journey easier, faster, and more productive.

Audiobook Production

Too many authors stop with e-books and print books, when audio is more popular than ever (every heard of podcasting?). Don't finish your project without nailing the trifecta and getting your book in audio format on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. We can record it for you or coach you through the process. There's power in audio. If your readers are asking for it, listen to them and let them listen to you!

Author and Book Websites

If you plan to write multiple books or build a business based on your content, you'll need a home on the web. And some books reference so much online content they warrant a dedicated website that can be referenced throughout the book. Using WordPress and other tools, we'll help you create a site that's out of this world (and train you on how to keep the content updated).